Our Charity

The Gambia Building Project is a registered charity which works alongside schools to improve the education of children in The Gambia. In our experience, children and their families in The Gambia view education as a precious commodity, but it is often too expensive and many children are not able to complete their studies. Our aim is not only to ensure children are able to stay in school, but to improve the schools and facilities in the Gambia through donations of school and sports equipment, furniture, toys and monetary gifts. See below for more details on our projects and how you can help


To improve and equip as many schools in The Gambia as possible.

The Future: 

We have grown into a charity that is helping a developing school, which is in urgent need of help. The school at present only caters for children from 3 years old to 9 years old, and needs a new roof, with more class rooms.

We aim to furnish the class rooms and hopefully collect toilets / showers / doors and windows to help build the school.

Below is a list of our projects and what we are aiming to achieve. If you think you can help us in our mission, please visit the How to Help page. 

a. Equipping Schools

For this we appeal for books, pencil-case fillers - rubbers, sharpeners, rulers protractors etc.; school equipment - desks/chairs, educational posters; PE equipment, lab equipment, blackboards, whiteboards and computers.

The schools are especially in need of exercise books, paper and arts & crafts materials. 

b. Building Schools

The school we support is trying to build at least one classroom a year, but we have told them it will be two before the end of next year.

c. Equipping Health Centre

A Clinic is being built in SANCHABA MEDICAL CENTRE, and they need a lot of what we have removed from the blood transfusion centre in Birmingham. See here for the story on these donations. 

d. Supplying Books 

We have sent so many books, and so have other charities, that now most schools have a small library. 

e. Disabled School

A school supplying specialist equipment for people with disability.

We are trying to supply a disabled school (the only one in The Gambia) with wheelchairs, toilet seat raisers and anything for somebody disabled.

f. Training nursery schools

Sue is going over to the Gambia in January 2014 with 2 volunteers to decorate a couple of children's nurseries, and show them how to teach through play - we have sent an awful lot of kindergarten toys in the last container. We are also in touch with Bishop Hannah of the Methodist Church, and we will be helping her to equip the many nurseries she is setting up around the Gambia.