Welcome to the Gambia Building Project!

A Christian charity dedicated to improving the lives and education of children in The Gambia by supporting Gambian schools. Please browse our website for more information but if you have any further questions or would like to find out more about our projects, contact David and Sue Connellan on gambiabuildingproject@gmail.com, or use our Contact Form.

Registered Charity: 1131273

Current Projects

Havanna Vibe Nursery School
Lend a Hand School

The Gambia Building Project's Aims

  • To improve and equip as many schools in The Gambia as possible.
  • To assist the educational needs of the children in The Gambia by supplying equipment and supplies to enhance their teaching facilities out side of the usual curriculum needs.
  • To donate money to school governing boards to enable more children in The Gambia to complete their school years from start to finish.
  • To donate minibuses to improve the schools transport for the children, and to make their travel safe and more efficient.
  • To provide the schools with sports equipment.
  • To twin groups of children in the Gambian schools with children in England through youth groups such as Cubs and Brownies.
  • To deliver a container of donated items and supplies to the schools.