Our Schools

With the support we have given the Glory Baptist School over several years, they no longer need as much as other schools. Whilst we will still support the school and the building project in Basse, we are widening our support and helping other schools with more needs. We have also recently completed work with the Bethel Outreach School since our latest container of donations provided them with all the equipment they needed. We are incredibly grateful for your support and donations, and we hope you will assist us as we continue to try and improve the lives of children and their education in The Gambia. 

Lend a Hand School

This by far is one of the poorest schools we are helping. They are teaching children with minimum of equipment, and they have not got enough seats. The school is being held together with "shoe-strings and gum"!

We found this school in the last few days of our trip searching for schools in The Gambia. We have adopted the Lend a Hand School as our main project for the foreseeable future.

First visit to Lend a Hand School, before we painted to it.
Our sponsored horse DoDo visiting the children for free rides

Horse Sponsorship

In 2017 we sponsored Ams by buying a horse DoDo (david) 

Ams and Do Do January 2017

Child and Do Do

Ams, Do Do and children.

Havanna Vibe Nursery School

Below are images of the Havanna Vibe Nursery School before and after painting. 

Sponsoring a child

If you are interested in sponsoring a child or would like to find out more about the school, please contact us. We are in close contact with the school and photographs from the children can be arranged.